Bethel Pierces the Darkness

IMG_2955I think it was Lou Engel that said, “Redding is the closest place to heaven on earth.” On a side note, I’m probably not one of Lou’s biggest fans currently, just b/c I get some of his politically radical emails. I do find this description of Bethel Church, in Redding, CA, informative. I first heard of Bethel through that “Finger of God” documentary, then through people I’d met through a house church. Joaquin Evans, from Bethel, had visited not long after which was quite an introduction to their culture.

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Miracles Chasing Me

More-so before, my labmates and I would watch television, after some meal that I’d prepared. Usually, we’d try to catch John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, which comes on at 11:00 pm. Sometimes, we’d have nothing to watch and be forced to flip through the channels, while we all just browsed the web on laptops in my living room.

It feels as if the History channel would be fitting for such a well knowledge group, but, as we’ve all observed, this channel has transitioned from being about wars and famines to being about ghosts, aliens, and conspiracy theories.

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Advancing Artificial Intelligence and Praying in Tongues

While at the Westin Hotel in the heart of Atlanta, I also knew I had to visit Atlanta’s International House of Prayer. While at the House of Prayer, I was told of a Bethel event at what would be the biggest church I’d ever been in. By the end of the week, I left with a greater understanding of my research area, a couple adventures, and the gift of tongues.
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Exploring the Supernatural, One IHOP Conference at a Time

I was telling my labmate, Mark, that I’d been exploring the more “charismatic” side of Christianity. I said that as a PhD in Computer Science, I’m, by vocation, sufficiently rational and analytical. This is to say (or to convince myself) that I’m not some thoughtless fanatic. In fact, I often write about how everyone needs to be more rigorously thoughtful in all that we do: here, here, and here. So, as I share my adventures in understanding the supernatural, let’s keep in mind that I am quite a rational individual (I mean, I can’t get my PhD with just my feelings..haha).

You might ask, well, if so much of my life is being logical (quite literally, am I immersed in logic programming for Artificial Intelligence) then why do I need to go beyond the natural? Well, at this point in life, the answers I currently have aren’t good enough anymore; there is too much that the natural takes for granted, so logically, it only makes sense that I explore beyond the current space of answers. And perhaps, by discovering the line of reason that connects the logical to the illogical will the supernatural become natural (the illogical, logical). PhD’s are, after all, earned by finding substantiatable solutions for questions without answers.

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