Top Aspiring Experts and Professionals Gather at Stanford to Pray

On October 16th, over 30 students (and some who’d already received their degrees) from Stanford, Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and UC Santa Cruz gathered at Stanford’s Old Union building for a “jam session.” These are people studying at the best research and trade schools in the world, getting medical, dental, PhD, and masters degrees. Types of research and professions was anywhere from medicine, computer science, philosophy, to chemical engineering. I’m certain that I shared an evening with the most well educated, if not some of the most talented and intelligent people in the world.

If you want to know a bit of the history, here’s a general introduction. Logistically, this started coming together at the InterVarsity Graduate Student Winter Retreat where I met Ethan and heard about his Multi-Faith Forum at Stanford. I went to that, and there, the thought occurs to me that UC San Francisco wasn’t at the last two retreats (which consisted of grad students fom Stanford, Berkeley, and UCSC). I asked the Grad Fellowship leader at Stanford why UCSF has never been, and the rest of story can be found here:

My last post was about chillin’ with my Stanford friends, and while we were there, I realized that we have no contact with those at UCSF. I asked the Stanford InterVarsity grad director, Pete, why UCSF never comes to our grad retreat (over the winter). He says that they’re invited every year, but never come. Invitations don’t make things happen though, relationships do, and that’s where this story begins.

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ReClaiM! Leaders Have First Video Meeting!

reclaim's first video meeting 🙂

The core event leadership: Isaac HicksChris Zwak, and I, had our first meeting this weekend via tokbox.  We logged in from: Newark-DE, Wilmington-DE, Santa Cruz-CA, and a cameo from Providence-RI.  We are pushing through the next crunch which is to send out our “Call for Participation” for the ReClaiM! conference.  Being a PhD Student, I have a ton of experience with conferences, and it’s great that those experiences translate well for what we are trying to do.  It’s going to be amazing!

If you are wondering, here are some of the items discussed at our meeting:

  • We are going to have a vision party on March 19th, location TBD
  • There will be a poster session at the conference to increase participation
  • The location for the conference will be at OEX (Ogletown Extension)
  • The second largest room is 200 max and the largest is quite ridiculous
  • We are going to cap attendance at 200, so sign up before it fills
  • Talk submissions will be due June 1st
  • Content will be selected by June 15th
  • Pre-Registration will begin April 1st
  • The date for the conference is not set in stone, but probably early to mid-August
  • Registration will begin July 1st
  • Logo and color scheme by the end of Feb.
  • Confirmed sessions: Reclaiming Technology and Reclaiming Social Justice
  • Next meeting is on Saturday, email me if you want in!

If you are still wondering what the conference is about, well, this is probably the best explanation we have right now (after the jump):

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