Global Day of Prayer 2010, Santa Cruz


I remember “See You at the Pole” and “National Day of Prayer,” but this was the first time I’d heard of “Global Day of Prayer.” Here’s the skinny (from their website):

In July 2000 God captured the heart of a South African Christian businessman, Graham Power, with a vision based on 2 Chron. 7:14. The vision had three clear instructions:

  1. To call Christians from all denominations in Cape Town for a Day of Repentance and Prayer at Newlands Rugby Stadium.
  2. To challenge Christians across the rest of South Africa to unite in a Day of Repentance and Prayer.
  3. To challenge Christians in Southern Africa to unite in a Day of Repentance and Prayer.

In March of 2001 more than 45 000 Christians united for a Day of Repentance and Prayer at Newlands Rugby Stadium in Cape Town. It was a day of intense intercession that transformed lives and was reflected in a changing city in the months to come. Testimonies of transformation caused the vision to be spread into the rest of South Africa and planning immediately started for similar prayer gatherings in 8 provinces of South Africa for 2002.

In February 2002 Graham Power had a second vision. This vision had an even bigger challenge: The whole of Africa was to gather in a Day of Repentance and Prayer, changing Africa to become a “light to the world”. Eventually, Africa was to invite all the nations of the globe to unite in this move of transformational prayer.

south america

The overall takeaway, I believe, is that “Graham Power” is an awesome name…. Just kidding, but it’s, perhaps, a close second to this deep longing for unity (as I wrote about here). More specifically, the significance of such an event is as follows:

  • The gathering of a unified celebration and reverence for God in a give region of 35 different churches (b/c we all know that denominations kind of seem counter productive)
  • The exposure and interactions with local political figures commissioning people to care (it’d be nice to see Christians undoing their stigma through collaborative efforts of generosity and kindness)
  • The cultural integration of many walks; in particular, Josh Fox’s contemporary Christian style in harmony with a Baptist gospel choir (seriously, why avoid each other, b/c one group does something somewhat differently?… Don’t we all want to see the same things happen?… And I don’t believe working against each other, nor working as if others don’t exist seem optimal.)

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