What’s So Good About Friday?

Why is it often so hard to do the thing that you need to be doing most? I need to write. There’s too much to write about, so not writing, only makes it worse. I need to write my advancement document which is what legitimizes my research. I need to write about the stories of my life. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it probably means that I am living out the things that you read or will be reading someday.

I got asked to do some testifying on Good Friday tonight. Immediately a story from a couple weeks prior come to mind…

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"He’s Singing in Korean," Lost in Translation, but not in Music

It was a Sunday, just like any other. God was convicting me of not getting to service on time. I come in right as they’re about to sing: “Lord, You Are Welcome in this Place.” Tiffany gestures for me to join in for the next song, and as I was praising, I notice two Asian guys in the congregation. The only Asians at this church are typically me and D. Le, so yea, these guys stood out a little. Later, when asked to introduce themselves, they didn’t speak much English. All I got was that they were from Korea.

Turns out they are on tour with their choir from this musically prolific church in Seoul: World Blessing Korea. They were up north from the others in LA to visit friends. It was obvious they were tourists because they took so many photos/video.

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Tale of Two Concerts

First, I do want to say that so much happens in my life, that it seems impossible to write it all down. I’m trying the best I can, haha. This weekend, however, merits a quick recap.

Friday night, I met at the Johnson’s house to drive to San Jose for a Jake Hamilton concert. I first heard Jake in Atlanta, when I was there for an Artificial Intelligence conference, and also, where I received the gift of tongues (that’s a story for another blog post). After the concert on Friday, I go to the Santa Cruz diner with Jake and his band, and the next morning we all kick it over some breakfast┬ácasserole. After breakfast, I head back to San Jose for an Israel Houghton concert.

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