Advancing Artificial Intelligence and Praying in Tongues

While at the Westin Hotel in the heart of Atlanta, I also knew I had to visit Atlanta’s International House of Prayer. While at the House of Prayer, I was told of a Bethel event at what would be the biggest church I’d ever been in. By the end of the week, I left with a greater understanding of my research area, a couple adventures, and the gift of tongues.
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Stalking Jaeson Ma, But Not Really

I probably shouldn’t joke about that, but I mean, as a journalist, it’s just good journalism to get a well informed story. However, I hesitate to call myself a journalist, because I’m trying to get PhD in Computer Science and already trying to be a musician at the same time, while being some evangelist and missionary to the communities I’m part of. With that said, I feel like God wants me to be a journalist too (just don’t tell my advisor).

I just remember the ride to San Jose State University on Friday night where I was praying with my friend and I promised God that if he lets something crazy happen (which He usually does), that I’ll write about it so that the experiences aren’t lost on me and available to countless unknowing Googlers. Man, I owe God a lot of blogposts. Continue reading “Stalking Jaeson Ma, But Not Really”

Top Aspiring Experts and Professionals Gather at Stanford to Pray

On October 16th, over 30 students (and some who’d already received their degrees) from Stanford, Berkeley, UC San Francisco, and UC Santa Cruz gathered at Stanford’s Old Union building for a “jam session.” These are people studying at the best research and trade schools in the world, getting medical, dental, PhD, and masters degrees. Types of research and professions was anywhere from medicine, computer science, philosophy, to chemical engineering. I’m certain that I shared an evening with the most well educated, if not some of the most talented and intelligent people in the world.

If you want to know a bit of the history, here’s a general introduction. Logistically, this started coming together at the InterVarsity Graduate Student Winter Retreat where I met Ethan and heard about his Multi-Faith Forum at Stanford. I went to that, and there, the thought occurs to me that UC San Francisco wasn’t at the last two retreats (which consisted of grad students fom Stanford, Berkeley, and UCSC). I asked the Grad Fellowship leader at Stanford why UCSF has never been, and the rest of story can be found here:

My last post was about chillin’ with my Stanford friends, and while we were there, I realized that we have no contact with those at UCSF. I asked the Stanford InterVarsity grad director, Pete, why UCSF never comes to our grad retreat (over the winter). He says that they’re invited every year, but never come. Invitations don’t make things happen though, relationships do, and that’s where this story begins.

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Am I Unusually Busy?

Pray for (or come to) this event…


First of all, if my advisor reading this, I just want to say that I’m not doing anything after mid-October. I swear I’m going on a strict diet of research after these things have passed. (He wasn’t too happy when he found out that I had just written a chapter for the book “Halo and Philosophy.”)

I’ve been back from Knoxville for a week now. I couch surfed with a nice retired couple who hosts exchange students. I got to meet Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, and Bob Jones. Finally, I found someone who’s life is fully admirable, Heidi Baker. I befriended these awesome brothers, Bryan and Jason Terrill. I’ll have to write more about this adventure later, but for now, I just wanted to disclose the my week to come to you all. I realized it being post-worthy as I was catching up with Bryan Terrill, post-trip.

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ReClaiM: You Don’t Want to Miss This

I was pacing in my bedroom in Grad Student Housing a little less than a year ago. The word “RECLAIM” flashes across my mind. First, I have this feeling that something needs to happen. Second, I begin to see how it happens, usually by example of things that have happened in the past. Third, I get really really excited. How do I know that I was excited? Well, I called all the apostolic friends that I had at the time: Isaac Hicks (from Delaware), Chris Zwakenberg (from Delaware), Josh Wilbur (from Santa Cruz), and Jeremy Almond (from Santa Cruz). You can ask them– I was really excited.

I’m 26, and by now, I’ve had this happen to me a number of times. What sucks is that I always see the need, then what needs to happen, but I never ever receive how exactly this is supposed to happen. The MOST frustrating part is that I still don’t know how to communicate what I see is happening. “They don’t get it.. They really don’t get it,” I think in trying to figure out how to share this excitement. Haha, by now, I’ve learned that faith does not come from having a solution to everything— it actually comes from the opposite. Obedience acts in the absence of answers.

I’ll tell you what it was that I saw… I saw young professionals coming together in a way that has never happened before– a gathering, built upon a unity of love and purpose. In it’s early stages, people who have been eagerly waiting their call will gather to “set up for the party.” Later on, waves of purpose will be passed through media and technology that stirs a spiritual awakening. People, in my generation, have been waiting for their reason to live. At church, we receive promise that we are indeed part of something amazing, and yet, have settled for the social clubhouse that has become of the western church. Deep down, we all know that there is more, but who is willing to go prepare for the party? I believe only a few people will understand this excitement, and I believe that few will have the great privilege to be an integral part of the release of this “something amazing.”

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Exploring the Supernatural, One IHOP Conference at a Time

I was telling my labmate, Mark, that I’d been exploring the more “charismatic” side of Christianity. I said that as a PhD in Computer Science, I’m, by vocation, sufficiently rational and analytical. This is to say (or to convince myself) that I’m not some thoughtless fanatic. In fact, I often write about how everyone needs to be more rigorously thoughtful in all that we do: here, here, and here. So, as I share my adventures in understanding the supernatural, let’s keep in mind that I am quite a rational individual (I mean, I can’t get my PhD with just my feelings..haha).

You might ask, well, if so much of my life is being logical (quite literally, am I immersed in logic programming for Artificial Intelligence) then why do I need to go beyond the natural? Well, at this point in life, the answers I currently have aren’t good enough anymore; there is too much that the natural takes for granted, so logically, it only makes sense that I explore beyond the current space of answers. And perhaps, by discovering the line of reason that connects the logical to the illogical will the supernatural become natural (the illogical, logical). PhD’s are, after all, earned by finding substantiatable solutions for questions without answers.

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