The Intellectual Faith Movement #intellectualfaith

On Friday, Feb 6, 2015, we met for the Bay Area InterVarsity Winter Conference of PhD and grad students from universities in the Bay Area (UCSC, Stanford, Berkeley, UC Davis). The next day, we would create an info session in the … Continue reading The Intellectual Faith Movement #intellectualfaith

The Heart of Worship, No Brains Allowed!

I was nervous, but I didn’t know why. Two of my dear friends were leading worship for the IV Grad Winter Retreat. The one where PhD students from the bay area get together once a year around Valentine’s Day.  So, what does it feel like to worship God with people getting PhD’s? We’ll often it feels like worshipping with people who are passionate about music, sometimes it feels like worshipping with people who just want to sound good for the things that need to happen when Christians gather, and rarely has it ever felt like worshipping with people, passionately in love with God.

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