To the Church of Some-Big-Tech Company

When I would visit Christian PhD, grad, and med students around the Bay Area, I’d always wonder what God’s message to that place would be– to the church of Stanford, Berkeley, Santa Cruz… etc. Outside of the University, I’ve recently … Continue reading To the Church of Some-Big-Tech Company

The Heart of Worship, No Brains Allowed!

I was nervous, but I didn’t know why. Two of my dear friends were leading worship for the IV Grad Winter Retreat. The one where PhD students from the bay area get together once a year around Valentine’s Day.  So, what does it feel like to worship God with people getting PhD’s? We’ll often it feels like worshipping with people who are passionate about music, sometimes it feels like worshipping with people who just want to sound good for the things that need to happen when Christians gather, and rarely has it ever felt like worshipping with people, passionately in love with God.

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Stalking Jaeson Ma, But Not Really

I probably shouldn’t joke about that, but I mean, as a journalist, it’s just good journalism to get a well informed story. However, I hesitate to call myself a journalist, because I’m trying to get PhD in Computer Science and already trying to be a musician at the same time, while being some evangelist and missionary to the communities I’m part of. With that said, I feel like God wants me to be a journalist too (just don’t tell my advisor).

I just remember the ride to San Jose State University on Friday night where I was praying with my friend and I promised God that if he lets something crazy happen (which He usually does), that I’ll write about it so that the experiences aren’t lost on me and available to countless unknowing Googlers. Man, I owe God a lot of blogposts. Continue reading “Stalking Jaeson Ma, But Not Really”

"He’s Singing in Korean," Lost in Translation, but not in Music

It was a Sunday, just like any other. God was convicting me of not getting to service on time. I come in right as they’re about to sing: “Lord, You Are Welcome in this Place.” Tiffany gestures for me to join in for the next song, and as I was praising, I notice two Asian guys in the congregation. The only Asians at this church are typically me and D. Le, so yea, these guys stood out a little. Later, when asked to introduce themselves, they didn’t speak much English. All I got was that they were from Korea.

Turns out they are on tour with their choir from this musically prolific church in Seoul: World Blessing Korea. They were up north from the others in LA to visit friends. It was obvious they were tourists because they took so many photos/video.

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