What’s So Good About Friday?

Why is it often so hard to do the thing that you need to be doing most? I need to write. There’s too much to write about, so not writing, only makes it worse. I need to write my advancement document which is what legitimizes my research. I need to write about the stories of my life. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it probably means that I am living out the things that you read or will be reading someday.

I got asked to do some testifying on Good Friday tonight. Immediately a story from a couple weeks prior come to mind…

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How Do You Explain Salvation without Jesus?

Before I get to the content of this topic, I wanted to note that there’s been a lot going on with the R! conference. We had our first vision party, we’ve set a date, and we’ve picked all the sessions for the conference topics. So, expect a logistical post coming up soon. In light of Easter (and I know Chris is probably going to post something for Easter as well), I wanted to write a post that is about “salvation without mentioning Jesus.”  The inspiration of these thoughts come out of a Waffle House at some early AM hour with a dear friend.

“Let me ask you something,” he says. “I’ve asked this to many of my “Christian” friends: how do you achieve eternal life?” To which, I respond, “by accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior”…(I’m joking, that’s not what I said).

I think Jesus is a good answer for someone who honestly has no clue what Christianity is about, but for people who know (which is everyone at my age, living in America) they ask about salvation to find out whether you are a thoughtless Christian lacking in creativity.

My answer was: “salvation is spending enough of your life getting to know your creator, such that at the end of your life you know where you came from and why you were here.

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