Advancing Artificial Intelligence and Praying in Tongues

While at the Westin Hotel in the heart of Atlanta, I also knew I had to visit Atlanta’s International House of Prayer. While at the House of Prayer, I was told of a Bethel event at what would be the biggest church I’d ever been in. By the end of the week, I left with a greater understanding of my research area, a couple adventures, and the gift of tongues.
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Prophet Points

I’m writing this post, because I dreamt that I had written a post like this. Hey, there’s no reason not to write this post, so best case scenario: God actually spoke to me through a dream to write this, and worst case: God doesn’t care what I write about, but I wrote another blogpost anyhow šŸ™‚

I saw this documentary calledĀ Finger of God, and there you will find the headlining prophets of today. Do I believe that these people have the ability to hear the voice of God? Well, I was never told it was possible, but the more people I meet, the harder it is to deny the possibility.

The gamer that I am decided to turn this into a game based on the idea of “Prophet Points.” Say that these people are in direct communication with God, well, then these are the people most intimately close to Him. In the next life, I want to be able to say to these people, “Hey, remember me?… We met back on Earth.” I’m now, somehow part of the stories of these amazing people. “Every time you shake hands with a prophetic person, your points go up.” I’m up to 27 now, and I hear if you score 100, you get a 1-up.

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Am I Unusually Busy?

Pray for (or come to) this event…


First of all, if my advisor reading this, I just want to say that I’m not doing anything after mid-October. I swear I’m going on a strict diet of research after these things have passed. (He wasn’t too happy when he found out that I had just written a chapter for the book “Halo and Philosophy.”)

I’ve been back from Knoxville for a week now. I couch surfed with a nice retired couple who hosts exchange students. I got to meet Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, and Bob Jones. Finally, I found someone who’s life is fully admirable, Heidi Baker. I befriended these awesome brothers, Bryan and Jason Terrill. I’ll have to write more about this adventure later, but for now, I just wanted to disclose the my week to come to you all. I realized it being post-worthy as I was catching up with Bryan Terrill, post-trip.

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The Call 2010, Prayer at the California Capitol, Sacramento


0903102044-1024x76810 years ago, in DC, Lou Engle got 400,000 Christians together to pray for their nation. Now, let’s get the elephant out of the room, and google: Lou Engle. Among the links you may find Christians calling him a heretic or activists calling him a homophobe. He may or may not be those things, but I’ve yet to hear anything he’s said to make me think he is not Christian or that he hates gays. I met Lou a few years ago when I went to check out what JHOP was doing at Harvard. Let’s just say that it was intense without much explanation, but it prepared me for what to expect at The Call in Sacramento. (The Call was far more “normal” than what I remembered of zealous intercessors at Harvard).

The night started 6 pm on Friday, and was much like the Jesus Culture Conference I experienced at Atlanta. A lot of music and energetic Christians. Funny thing though, most of the Christians seemed 21 and under or 40 and over. There seems to be a gap of mid 20’s to late 30’s that are underrepresented. Anyhow, nothing from the first night would spark any controversy. The only thing I heard was Lou asking for marriages to stay together, contending for families. I listened as I wandered through the crowds, eventually making myself front-row center of the stage. There’s just something about IHOP-style music that moves me.

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Exploring the Supernatural, One IHOP Conference at a Time

I was telling my labmate, Mark, that I’d been exploring the more “charismatic” side of Christianity. I said that as a PhD in Computer Science, I’m, by vocation, sufficiently rational and analytical. This is to say (or to convince myself) that I’m not some thoughtless fanatic. In fact, I often write about how everyone needs to be more rigorously thoughtful in all that we do: here, here, and here. So, as I share my adventures in understanding the supernatural, let’s keep in mind that I am quite a rational individual (I mean, I can’t get my PhD with just my feelings..haha).

You might ask, well, if so much of my life is being logical (quite literally, am I immersed in logic programming for Artificial Intelligence) then why do I need to go beyond the natural? Well, at this point in life, the answers I currently have aren’t good enough anymore; there is too much that the natural takes for granted, so logically, it only makes sense that I explore beyond the current space of answers. And perhaps, by discovering the line of reason that connects the logical to the illogical will the supernatural become natural (the illogical, logical). PhD’s are, after all, earned by findingĀ substantiatable solutions for questions without answers.

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