Comedian, Sarah Silverman, Makes a Good Point

If you know me well, you’ll know that the only channel I watch is CNN (and sometimes Comedy Central). On April 20th, the comedian, Sarah Silverman, was on Larry King Live (Comedy Central meets CNN). Sarah Silverman is known for her (seemingly) boundless toilet humor, which made me thoughtfully surprised by her insights and personality on Larry King. Here’s an idea of that discrepancy:

KING: All right, Sarah, is anything off limits? Is there anything you won’t joke about?

SILVERMAN: Probably not. I mean I think — a lot of people say you joke about rape and aids and everything. But I’m not joking about those things. I think that’s more of a reflection of people reacting to buzz words and not really listening to the content or the context, you know.

I’m almost always the idiot in my jokes. And the subject matter just happens to be about dark, dark things. But I guess if there is anything I wouldn’t talk about, and people ask me that. And I always kind of think — and it’s so specific, but like fat jokes about women.

That always bums me out because I feel like we live in a country where fat women — at least in white America — don’t deserve love. You know? And I — I don’t think that’s true for men, you know. You see every sitcom star is like a fat guy with some gorgeous wife.

But we live in a country that it really feels that way. It feels — it’s in the ether. And that just makes me sad to make a joke of it or to make light of it. It tends to be more mean-spirited, you know. You know? I know that sounds so specific.

More than anything, the comment that sticks with me is her reply to Larry King’s question about her teenage depression, “it felt very chemical. It just felt like a cloud coming over the sun. I didn’t understand it. And I remember my stepfather was the one person who said like what does it feel like? And the only way I could describe it is it felt like I was home sick, but I was home. So there was no way to satiate it, you know?”

Sarah, I totally feel you, and I give you major props for putting it so elegantly. I believe that my friends, my peers, but mostly the Christian ones, should all know the feeling that Sarah described.

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