Love, Faith, and Intellect: Story of My (Rainy) Weekend

The older I get, the more I forget how I’d always felt I was on a different page from everyone else. Who are my people? I’m so ungettable that people won’t even acknowledge that they don’t get me. Eh, it’s … Continue reading Love, Faith, and Intellect: Story of My (Rainy) Weekend

Miracles Chasing Me

More-so before, my labmates and I would watch television, after some meal that I’d prepared. Usually, we’d try to catch John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, which comes on at 11:00 pm. Sometimes, we’d have nothing to watch and be forced to flip through the channels, while we all just browsed the web on laptops in my living room.

It feels as if the History channel would be fitting for such a well knowledge group, but, as we’ve all observed, this channel has transitioned from being about wars and famines to being about ghosts, aliens, and conspiracy theories.

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