Miracles Chasing Me

More-so before, my labmates and I would watch television, after some meal that I’d prepared. Usually, we’d try to catch John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, which comes on at 11:00 pm. Sometimes, we’d have nothing to watch and be forced to flip through the channels, while we all just browsed the web on laptops in my living room.

It feels as if the History channel would be fitting for such a well knowledge group, but, as we’ve all observed, this channel has transitioned from being about wars and famines to being about ghosts, aliens, and conspiracy theories.

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Am I Unusually Busy?

Pray for (or come to) this event…


First of all, if my advisor reading this, I just want to say that I’m not doing anything after mid-October. I swear I’m going on a strict diet of research after these things have passed. (He wasn’t too happy when he found out that I had just written a chapter for the book “Halo and Philosophy.”)

I’ve been back from Knoxville for a week now. I couch surfed with a nice retired couple who hosts exchange students. I got to meet Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, and Bob Jones. Finally, I found someone who’s life is fully admirable, Heidi Baker. I befriended these awesome brothers, Bryan and Jason Terrill. I’ll have to write more about this adventure later, but for now, I just wanted to disclose the my week to come to you all. I realized it being post-worthy as I was catching up with Bryan Terrill, post-trip.

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