Christmas Caroling Done Right: Unity in Santa Cruz

I’d like to propose the Ambassador Model for Unity. I first realized this from the Multi-University meeting at Stanford, where most of the attendees were connected through my ambassadorial efforts. Second attempt of unity was the Multi-Church Caroling on December 10th. Let’s be real, most Christian groups are not organized well enough or are too prideful to be able to establish the right channels for unity. I mean, I’ve yet to see the honor, humility, and grace it takes to build true and lasting unity. This new model, the Ambassador Model for Unity (AMU), functions through authentic and lasting relationships, foregoing the “leadership” of Christian organization.

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This is Church (at the Game Developers Conference)

Jose holds a sign up to let other's know about Jesus

Jose lives by himself, and when he’s not working, he wears his “Jesus Christ Loves You” hat and jacket out to the heart of San Francisco, holding a sign that reads the same. I passed him a few times walking around San Francisco, as I attended this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC)– the premier developer event for this 40 billion dollar industry.

So what does it look like to love Jesus at the Game Developers Conference? Well, it kinda sorta looks like this:

Game Developer Christians met every morning at 7:30 am to share and pray

Second from the left, that’s Kemp (the one and only). Prior to GDC, he emails to say:

Hey Sherol,

I have a somewhat wacky, strange, and possibly overly-religious idea.  What if we got together some of the believers in the industry and prayed sometime for the conference/industry/etc…  Or, as CAs, we got together every morning before the morning meeting?  Is that something you might be interested in?

Uh, well, I was ALL ABOUT it. Immediately, I forward to those I knew and also sent a mass email titled: “Anyone going to GDC who also happens to love Jesus?”

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My Grandmom Lives in Chinatown and is Racist

Everytime I visit my grandmother I bring her a stuffed animal

I live in Santa Cruz, and my (Chinese) grandmother, she lives in Oakland. Whenever I’m in the bay area, I make a stop over to Oakland to pay her a visit. The following is inevitably what happens everytime:

  1. I bring grandmom a stuffed animal
  2. grandmom makes some comment about my appearance/weight
  3. I pretend that the question “do you have a boyfriend?” is lost in translation
  4. grandmom serves roasted duck for dinner (she must think I really like duck)
  5. I take a picture from the rooftop of her retirement complex
  6. grandmom tries to give me some article of clothing (from shoes to scarves to sweaters)
  7. I go with grandmom to church

Now, she’s probably the most grandmotherly of all the other potential candidates, and, by the way, we aren’t biologically related (very long story). And actually, this post isn’t really about my grandmother at all. It’s about the church she goes to in the Oakland Chinatown.

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Why I go to the Game Developers Conference Every Year

Since the NING network is going down, I’ve decided to move over a couple posts to this blog…


Originally written: Monday, March 3, 2008

This past week, I attended the Game Developers Conference for the fourth year in a row. How is it that a group of people can grow to love each other more every year with just a weeks worth of interaction?…I don’t know, but what I can say is that I’ve never felt more accepted and understood by any other group of people. I was sitting in church last Sunday wondering why has church has fallen short in many ways of what I’ve expected. The typical answer is that I’m the one with the problems and then I get brushed off soon after (which, of course, does not help). I’m left a bit isolated wondering, am i really the only person who feels this way? When I think about the past week, the people I’ve met, the people that I only get to see once a year, I wonder why this is more real and impactful to me than any church or church group I’ve been part of. Maybe I should stop being christian?…lol.

As far as church goes, I am often left feeling invisible, and people eventually stop trying b/c i’m not what they are use to and they just don’t know what to with me. To be quite honest, I often don’t know what to do with me. So, which side is the one that isn’t trying hard enough? I dont know, but it’s not fair to say that I’m the sole one who is not trying. By going every week, I am trying.

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