God’s Perfect Timing

9781599793511Where did we leave off? Well, according to my blog, it was a little over a year ago, at the Graduate Student Winter Retreat– the one with PhD/Med/Masters students from Berkeley, UCSC, UCSF, and Stanford. I’m a bit more mature since then; or, at least, I am more relaxed about many things. If anything, I am grateful that my own impatience had not burned bridges, and that it would’ve been no benefit for me to needlessly make enemies.

Ethan, who’s off in San Diego, had heard through the grapevine that things were going well. He recently wrote me and said: “seems like you’re working along with leadership quite well now– glad to see, and keep it up–”

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Bethel Pierces the Darkness

IMG_2955I think it was Lou Engel that said, “Redding is the closest place to heaven on earth.” On a side note, I’m probably not one of Lou’s biggest fans currently, just b/c I get some of his politically radical emails. I do find this description of Bethel Church, in Redding, CA, informative. I first heard of Bethel through that “Finger of God” documentary, then through people I’d met through a house church. Joaquin Evans, from Bethel, had visited not long after which was quite an introduction to their culture.

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Who Am I Now?


I’ve been writing a lot, just not on this blog. I live many lives, and if I were to summarize it all, I’d say that I’m a researcher with great ideas in a burgeoning field of study, a tenor saxophone player with the most amazing band of friends that one could hope for, and a revolutionary stewarding my influence for a revolution that started over 2000 years ago. I’m becoming who I always thought I was.

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