Soul Searching: My Life in Four Lists of Fours


These lists have been popping to mind lately for various reasons. First, are the themes that I’d most want to invest my life in. The themes run throughout the list. I saved the best item for last 🙂

  1. Education as a means to better quality of life of all people around the world
  2. Bridging faith and intellect
  3. Bringing together the music community
  4. Technology and storytelling as a means for teaching empathy

A Harvard MBA friend asked me for my four biggest resume headlines, recently. I wrote down:

  1. Research
  2. Teaching
  3. Programming
  4. Leadership/Community

These are four things I’d enjoy doing as a career

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Game Development
  3. Writing
  4. Non-Profit Founder (for education or something like that)

Finally, these four things are the biggest accomplishments from my life.

  1. Founding Passion Talks
  2. PhD Research
  3. Founding Terminal Degree Jazz Band
  4. Getting “Likes” on Facebook

3 thoughts on “Soul Searching: My Life in Four Lists of Fours

  1. I had to save this testimonial somewhere: “thank you for consistently sharing thought-provoking articles. i sincerely mean it. you make it worth scrolling thru my newsfeed.”

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