Leave Carrie Alone!.. (All Kidding Aside, Who Cares?)


Carrie Tweets:

The internet responds:

I mean, I am staunchly opposed to cyber-bullying of all sorts, and I don’t think that Carrie Underwood deserved any personal attacks for her performance (she tried! And she sang some nice things!) — but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and the Sound of Music, Live! was mostly excruciating to watch.

Mostly I just wish — since prayer is now officially on the table — that someone had been praying for us during the broadcast as well as after.

I conclude:

  1. I find this passive-aggressive, plausibly-deniable micro-bullying (or however you want to describe the above) to be a bit hypocritical.
  2. I didn’t watch the Carrie Underwood version of The Sound of Music, but maybe someday. I find myself as indifferent about it as I did when I first heard about it.
  3. Why would someone take personal offense toward praying for mean people? No one knows who she’s talking about. Why are so many people getting defensive?
  4. It feels like these sort of attacks happen to women more often than not. I wonder how many of these attackers slut-shamed Miley Cyrus. (Actually, I wonder how many of Carrie’s critics came to Miley’s defense…lol)
  5. It’s baffling how much of a hot topic prayer is. People should relax and let her pray and believe whatever she wants.
  6. Here are funny (overreacting) comments I’ve collected from the internet:

“You people need to find your heart. I have never met a Buddhist that is so cold and hateful.” -Sharon Silber Haus

“Well I missed it so cannot judge how well or bad she did, but as an atheist, I do not believe praying helps but if you are going to pray would it not be better to pray for something more important? Like world peace the staving, a cure for cancer?” -Jackie Hoekstra

“Ugh. I don’t get how someone could say “Mean people need Jesus” without realizing that packed into that sentiment is “You can’t be good without God” and even worse, “People who cross me deserve Hell.”” -mleek.kinja.com

“I also think it’s cowardly. Don’t hide behind God. Be an adult and say, “The wildly negative and mean-spirited things people are saying about my performance hurt my feelings. I’m proud of my performance and of the show.” To me, that sets a better example and is honest and graceful.” -kimtastic.kinja.com

“It’s funny when rich and famous people can’t handle criticism. We need Jesus because she did not fit a certain role in a performance? Incredible.” –LocalCommunist

“The meanest people I have ever seen are those that follow Jesus. The very definition of the conservative religious right is mean.” -Cyrus Trance

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 2.45.07 AM

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