Terminal Degree Working for the Monterey Jazz Fest Press Office

Terminal Degree Jazz Band

We drove down listening to a radio station called, “Songs You Remember.” Not so sure why we were into the Backstreet Boys back then, probably b/c everyone else was. At the end of the festival, we sat with some admins and talked about the future of music, wondering whether the people our age will ever take notice of all these world class musicians who come through Monterey. Our musical tastes are being directed by MTV and the Disney Channel, but maybe if we make clever use of media, we can get Jazz the exposure it deserves as well.

Raj and I debated the issue all the way home. My thoughts are that we lack musical literacy, cultural awareness, and are disconnected from the lives of the artists. Raj believes it’s a problem with Jazz music itself, and it’ll take another Miles Davis to make any shifts.

Terminal Degree LOVES being…

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