DJ-MC Sherol, Asian Female Christian Rapper

This is a prophetic painting by Eric Zwierzynski, that I’m going to be making beats and droppin rhymes.

With all the Asia hype in the last few days, I started wondering if I could cut it as an Asian female Christian rapper. I mean, if anything I could do spoken word. Writing poetry is something I started doing when I was in grade school. In high school, it helped me use metaphor and capture deeper meaning in rhythm and rhyme that I could not express through conversation. I stopped when I got to college, because I started being able to write people actual letters. As I mature, I find myself becoming less cryptic, but it was nice to flex my flow muscles once more.

I just wrote this on the bus today (like the old days):

the devil had me in chains

he was consuming my brain

i couldnt breathe, cuz i was suffocating–

drowning in pain….

my life was covered in shame

cuz i had took all the blame

i didn’t understand the refuge

that i had in His name

so how am i the only one who thought this isn’t okay?

that the world can do whatever and i didn’t get no say…

people listen, but they thinkin that there’s nothin they can do

so, what i’ve learned is that this bondage was for me to refuse

you’re a victim up until you know enough is enough,

cuz the only way the devil wins is when you give up

so i’ve learned to take my focus off these futile attacks

cuz when you know that you know, you know there’s no turning back

I’m surrounded by poets and rappers in Santa Cruz. So, I was like, if this Jaeson Ma guy can flow, then so can I. Then I got inspired by Jin Au-Yeung, who I remember watching on Freestyle Fridays. I was totally impressed back then, and was blown away by his Christian lyrics recently especially in contrast to the things he’d rap about back in the day.

8 thoughts on “DJ-MC Sherol, Asian Female Christian Rapper

  1. @Jerry: I’ve heard of Monzy. While I really like his clever use of CS vocabulary in his songs, I personally just wish he toned down the cursing; the songs would be perfect without it.

    My favorite nerd rapper is Weird Al, actually XD. I really like “It’s All About the Pentiums” and “White and Nerdy.”

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