Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

On 10/30/10, two opposing rallies with gather at our nation’s capitol. These banners speak for themselves as these two public figures parody the divide in our nation.

My question is this: Stewart or Colbert?

In my humble opinion (haha), if I were to find myself in DC that day, I’d be supporting Stephen Colbert. Stewart may be a better activist, but Colbert is the better comedian. Stewart takes himself too seriously, while Colbert has no discernible agenda. I mean, I just like Colbert, b/c he doesn’t try to seem this or that. Other that what I’ve said, I don’t really know why I like Colbert more. Maybe b/c I want to believe that he is parodying the parodying of what his show is about.

So, which rally would you attend? I’d be at the “March to Keep Fear Alive.”

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March to Keep Fear Alive
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6 thoughts on “Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?

  1. @Joel, ew joel… didn’t you know that reason is one letter away from TREASON!?…we’re in the middle of a recession!!!!!!!!!!

    @Brian, even abraham lincoln’s monument endorsed colbert’s rally… how much more american does it need to get?

    “people should definitely book their hotel rooms now, or their children might turn gay..”….hahahhaha

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