Too Many Blogs to Write…

I’m currently at Assilomar in Pacific Grove, CA for Foundations of Digital Games Conference. I just spent a week (or so) on the east coast. Most notably, I got to help out with a group in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Wilmington. Then, I went to E3 for the first time, and today, I drove 6 hours to get to this conference (to present the first paper of my life’s work). When I get back to Santa Cruz, Zwak will be visiting for a couple days.

This post is to list all the posts that I have yet to write… Here I go:

  • Confidence in Complexity. Josh McPaul talks about complexity in the Christian religion to graduate students from Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Stanford. I loved his teachings and I will eventually do a blog post his “Confidence in Complexity, a Reflection on the Psalms.”

  • UCSF has a great take on leadership. I had the privilege to visit the UCSF Sonrise Fellowship retreat this past Spring. I, usually quite critical of Christian groups, was really blown away by the ownership of each person had in this community, the even distribution of servant leadership, and genuine love for each other and God among Med, Dental, Pharmacy, and researchers at UCSF.

  • Stanford’s Multi-Faith Forum. Ethan Kung held a Multi-Faith Forum at Stanford University. Speakers were from the Islamic religion, Christianity, and Hinduism. Ethan did an amazing job, and it is perhaps worth writing 3 blog posts for this event. One on the event itself, one on Islam, and one on the Christian speaker, John Stackhouse. That was an amazing weekend, I got to stay with Kimmy, hang out with Ethan and Felix, and go to Super Happy Dev House (with Jeremy and Scott).

  • Graduate Student Praise and Prayer Session. Ethan, Felix, Tess, and I go visit UCSF a second time. With Kenneth, we are planning a praise and prayer session with UCSC, UCSF, and Stanford.

  • Global Day of Prayer in Santa Cruz, where Brandon Johnson from “Gathering by the Bay” helps to coordinate 25-30 churches for one Sunday of praise, worship, and prayer for our nation. The atmosphere was a glimpse of what it looks like for us all to be one.

  • Santa Cruz Young Adult Revival. Progressive Baptist Missionary Church, where I currently go, is had it’s 2-day young adult revival– another collaborative church effort to teach and empower as young adults.

  • Happy Feet. Ronee does ministry with street kids in Santa Cruz.

  • Cookout with the kids in rough neighborhoods. Mary Hampson of “Freedom Outreach” has vacation bible school for one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city of Wilmington. Riverside was overflowing with high spirits of young children and laughter. It’s hard to imagine that it’s quite a dark place to live.

  • E3 is… lame, at least for the parts that I got to see. It’s like GDC, but with less of the family feel. I got to see demos for Sims 3 on xbox, the next generation of rhythm/music games, long lines for the 3DS, and Final Fantasy 14. The highlight for me was the Women in Gaming/Blacks in Gaming reception where I got to see Carl and Godric (they’re my brothers in Christ). Notably, the THQ North Korea game, “Homefront,” had remarkable marketing.

  • Foundations of Digital Games :)… This is where I am right now. It’s like having an academic conference at a Christian retreat center, lol. In fact, there’s a group of people from the church of Christian Science here. I haven’t even been here for half a day yet, and I already have so many funny stories to tell. I woo’d Christian Scientists with my charming inquiries of their beliefs, so much that I got a free book out of it. This book caused a great discussion among my professors at the dinner table. I also got a potential place to stay when I go to Oregon for the Christian Game Developers Conference. Oh, I also have my real book (the Jazz book) with me, and there are pianos aplenty here. Sounds like a recipe for an interesting weekend, not to mention I’m premiering my life’s work here tomorrow!

So, that’s what you all have too look forward to. I gotta prep for my talk tomorrow on “RoleModel, Towards a Formal Model for Dramatic Story Generation.”

Other things to look forward to from me:

  • AI and Fun Conference in Georgia, July 11-15th
  • Christian Game Developers Conf, July 15-18th
  • IHOP Conf, July 23-24th
  • Final Fantasy Concert July 31st

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