Hope for Haiti Happy Birthday

“Sherol,” he says.  (I don’t like it when someone inserts my name into the middle of a conversation like that.)

“Hey…i just wanted ur input on something.”

Oh gosh, did something happen?

“So im trying to help out this org at my school to help raise money for haiti. im not affiliated with them. just wanna help out.”

Whoa, that sounds awesome… keep going.

“Im thinkin of sending out a facebook event thing to everyone on my list.”

How are u going to raise the money?

“And my idea is to have people contribute… and sign a t shirt… a hope for haiti t shirt.”

What happens with the shirt?

“The purpose of the shirt is to show all those who showed support as well as be an example for others to possibly emulate.”

Nice, well, it sounds like you have it figured out.

“Well… im having my doubts.”

Really? why?

“I feel like people wont be responsive …especially to a facebook event thing like that… and im worried that i wont be able to collect anything significant”

To which I respond: “If you are worried about being discouraged, don’t worry.  ‘Cause you will be discouraged.  Thats the cost of doing stuff that matters.

What stops us from trying?  In that conversation, I completely understood the feelings which ran through his mind.  It’s a moment where you know you need to do something, and yet, you feel like you won’t be able to do anything, especially if it involves convincing other people that it’s worth their trouble too.  I know that feeling, because, again and again, I put myself out there, and, again and again, I feel my powerlessness inching me towards indifference.

Nevertheless, I go for the things regardless of whether others are on board, because I’d rather look like a fool than fool myself into believing that nothing can be done.  Now, ReClaiM is about “inspiring a spiritual awakening,” so appropriately, I will write about what inspires me.

My friend’s desire to do something that matters, not because everyone else is doing it, and especially if no one is doing it, inspires me to no end.

So, I told him: “if u do it… i’ll contribute…$100, but only if u do it, and u have to make the facebook event tonight… otherwise.. no deal…”

“Wow… thats a lot of money.. are you serious?,” he asks.  Of course, I’m serious, and, no, it’s really not a lot of money.  I respond, ”  its nothing… i just like seeing people do crazy stuff like that…its worth the money…”

It’s worth it… worth it because if I wanted to give that $100 to Haiti, I could have regardless of how my friend decided to spend his birthday.  However, what makes it invaluable is, here, we have someone with a genuine desire to do something, and he just isn’t sure whether he can.  Well, he doesn’t need to be sure, I’m sure he can, because the truth is, we’re never sure we can do anything, we never know what difference it makes, and whether people will care.  If we fear the failure that results in nothing happening, then how is it any better to do nothing instead?

The “win,” as we call it in academia, is that we do something, and that something is worth well more than $100.   So, after the jump, you will find the link to the facebook event for Pio’s “birthday party,” and if you are even a little bit inspired, join the party.  If you don’t have the time or money to give, that’s fine, even clicking on the link is something— worth more than you realize.

“=) thanks sherol! u just gave me a whole lot of confidence in this.  i hope ppl will follow ur actions”

me: it doesnt matter if they do or not, but i have a good feeling about it


Concerning my birthday… Read all the way through!!

I witnessed something very interesting when I went to this rock show a couple weeks ago.

The lead singer for the second act (I forget the bands name), took the time in the middle of their set to give a shot out to the people in Haiti. He made a request to the crowd and it went something like this:

“Please show love and support to all of those who are struggling in Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and their country is in ruins. If you could just take the time out of your busy lives to make a donation, raise awareness, or even just say a prayer, it would mean the world to those who have lost so much.”

As soon as he said what he had to say, someone in the crowd shouted ” Fuck them man. We need to fix our country first!”


To my surprise, I didn’t hear any backlash nor sounds of resentment following that comment. I did however hear some laughter and even a few faint cheers.

Due to the fact that I myself haven’t done anything to help out the cause, I was not justified in putting that idiot in his place. Inaction from those who are able is just as sad as thoughtless actions from a degenerate.

So heres the deal…

A real good friend of mine pitched this idea to me a while ago when we were discussing what I should do for my birthday this year.

Since all my “important” birthdays have already passed, rather than throwing a birthday party and receiving gifts, why not have people, myself included, invest that time and money into a good cause instead? Instead of pissing away our money on drinks and other things that we don’t need, why not help out those who really need it?

I thought this was a great Idea.

This year, I will be sending out a request to all of you rather than an invite. I’d like for you guys to help me help the organization, “UniteD Students for Haiti” to raise money to build a hospital in Villa Haiti.

8 thoughts on “Hope for Haiti Happy Birthday

  1. Awesome idea, i really haven’t done much to help Haiti out either… hmmm, i dunno why lol. I’m def gonna contribute a bit to help.

  2. good one.

    something you wrote reminded me of old Billy Joel lyrics: “…you say I fool myself/
    But better me than being a fool for someone else…”

  3. All I gotta say is that it’s not even been 24 hrs yet, and he’s got 30 people on board. At this point, I’d say he’s crazy for almost not doing it.

    @Patience, yea…love the lyrics 🙂

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