Benefit Concert to Help Bring Underwear Relief to the Homeless

Last night, I was at a benefit concert that was thrown by my dear friend and co-blogger, Chris Zwakenberg. He brought in a number of bands from the local community to perform and celebrate the cause. To get into the show, you must bring a pack of briefs or $5. This is the 6th year for “Brief Relief” and the turnout was really encouraging on two points: (1) that young people care enough to donate their time and money to fulfill a need and (2) this live-music event helps to makes local creativity more communicable and accessible.

Here’s Zwak, Ike, and I chillin in the loft:

For me, the greatest takeaway was getting to hang out with a couple performers at the local diner after the show. Andrew Koji Shiraki was late-night dining with his crew, when Zwak and I stopped by to say hello. Koji, with his “COLORMAKE” project, was telling everyone about the cause he wants to bring with his craft. Peace, unity, community, and kindness are central to how he describes what he’s done and what he wants to do. I won’t steal his thunder, as he’d give his elevator pitch better than I, but, for what it’s worth, in the conversation we had, I find him to be real about wanting and doing the things that really matter to our world. He’s not just out for himself, he’s not just all talk,and he’s not just being reckless. It’s apparent to me that this guy doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean, and also doesn’t say things unless he knows that the people around him need to hear it.. He’s careful not to say too much or too little. That’s a sort of efficacy and maturity that I can admire.

Interestingly, Zwak and I had stuff to say about the project we are working on with Ike and some others. People, for sure, vibed with it. Overall, it was great to have that sort of community and support in our efforts to make a difference. There’s still not much more to say about our project, but as soon as we’re ready, we’ll send the word out.

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