What would I say to myself on my first day of college?

Originally posted: May 26, 2009

Maybe, that I should cherish this opportunity to have so many big brothers and sisters all around. That eventually, I’ll be the oldest and soon after, age just seems to blend into a hazy blur of formalisms. The turnover of people happen faster than you’d expect and as soon as you turn around what was once so familiar no longer exists.

That eventually, you learn to really love people in the few months you have to show them how much you care.

You learn that we are all part of something and that interaction with so many people at once kind of creates countless avenues of learning about yourself.

I’ve been on so many adventures with so many people when I was an undergrad, but I realized that the people, they were the real adventures. I miss them a lot.

Nostalgia will hit you like a ton of bricks, and sometimes that’s what it takes to remind you how much you loved those people, even if you didn’t know it at the time.

In each person, you find a little bit of yourself and when they aren’t around, you’ll feel like part of you is missing. Eventually, some of those parts will fade away, but you’ll still remember all the different people you’ve been to all the different people you’ve met.

The years, they fly by, but the richness will make you feel like you’ve lived a thousand lives in retrospect.

I think feelings are our ways of telling us about ourselves, and our motivation is to be part of something. The part that we play, well, that’s our purpose, and ultimately, we are just trying to find our way home.

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